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“I am not creative”…myth busters of your creativity

“I can’t draw, I can’t write and dancing didn’t go very well, either.” These thoughts are familiar to many who have already managed to write themselves into the list of non-creatives. But creativity is not only about clearly expressed talent, but also about the way you think, feel the world and interact with it.

You’ll be surprised but: EVERYONE IS BORN CREATIVE!

According to NASA, 98% of children are born absolute geniuses. Research shows that NON-creative thinking is acquired and if it’s not being developed, our creativity fades. At the same time, this proves that it is possible to find our creativity because it simply exists and this is a fact!

How to find this very key to your creativity? How to stay inspired all the time?

I suggest a simple checklist Part 1:

1. Stop for a minute and try to remember: what kind of environment do you like to work in? (at a desk; standing; with a fresh coffee; after watching a series; in a coffee shop)

2. Pay attention to the music you listen to. According to researches, upbeat music and cheerful tiktok lovers are skilled innovators and tend to find a way out more easily.

3. Ask yourself what do you like to look at for a long time? Which other people’s skills inspire you? (music, baking; fashion; photo; videography; tattoo; floristry; dancing; interior design; texts; your own option).

4. How do you express your creativity through daily things? (through special words in the language and “just yours” jokes; through clothing and style; through home decor; through hobbies; through gifts to other people; through your own traditions; through food; through your work).

It just can’t be that there is nothing! And you are exactly the same as your neighbour or colleague. There’s definitely something you do in a special way in your life.

After all, don’t be afraid to empty your creative soul, creativity never ends. The more you use it, the more it becomes.

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